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If you don't see what you need listed here under our FAQ’s tab, please send us an email through our "Contact Us" tab at the top of our website. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.



Please contact us directly for inquiries about representation, licensing or wholesale orders. Items may not be purchased directly from the store for resale, without my express consent. 



We do not sell digital files of S.A. Maples' paintings. If you wish to use something for a wedding invite or similar, you will need to purchase the painting you want to use and scan it in order to obtain a digital file. You will also need to let us know about this. Attempting to sell reproductions of prints or paintings will result in legal action.



We offer many different sized paintings, thus we do not offer custom sized orders.



All sales are final. Unless we make a mistake in our listing, or the *colors are truly misrepresented in our photos, all sales will be final. If you are not sure if the colors you see in a painting are exactly what you want, ask for more photos. We do that all the time! 

*Note about colors: It has been scientifically proven that we all see color differently, so we will be happy to take the time to show you more images or video of the painting you are interested in. Computers are also calibrated differently as well, so if you are feeling nervous about the colors in one of my paintings, try viewing the painting on another computer as well.



I use a company called Craters and Freighters. They create a custom crate and delivery will be 7-10 days after they pick up your custom crated painting from my studio. AFter you call or email us with your order, we will email you in order to get your full mailing address to give you an exact quote on what it would cost to ship directly to your door. You will be invoiced for the cost of the painting as well as the ship charge on an emailed invoice. 



Anything under 48 inches (we work on a case by case basis depending on where you live and the exact proportions of the painting in question) ships USPS. Paintings larger than 20 inches will usually go out through express, this means you get the painting by noon the next day. The very smallest paintings go Standard Post. Your ship fee covers the cost of postage, and also packing materials, labor and stocking.



We ship all items that are 36x36 inches or smaller. The cost is between 25-150 usd, depending on the size. For larger items, we only use Craters and Freighters. Craters and Freighters build a custom wooden crate for your painting. They then drive it to your door and then place the unopened crate in any room you want. You are responsible for unpacking it and hanging it. You will need to have a drill to take the crate apart. Pricing for this is between 300-500 usd, depending on where you live in the U.S., and the size of your painting. We will get a quote for you so that you know all costs up front. If you live in outside of the United States of America and you want a large original painting, we can remove the painted canvas from its frame for you and mail it un-stretched, in a tube. Shipping for this is about 50-75 usd. Once you have your painting, you can either take it to your local art shop to have them stretch it onto a frame, or you can buy a frame and do it yourself. The painting is in no way damaged or altered by having it stretched and put back onto a wooden frame.

Please remember that we are a very small company. We are very committed to giving you the best costumer service we can. That means we will never take you for granted, and will replace any damaged items, or offer you a full refund; even though it isn't our fault when shipping mishaps happen. Please keep this in mind and be patient. 

Please note: Orders ship once a week, usually on Wednesday.



You can buy items directly from us via a physical trip to S.A. Maples Studio Gallery, or you may order by phone or you may order via email.  We accept cash, cashiers check, or a credit card.



The commission fee is 100% of the cost of the canvas. For example, if you want to commission a 36x36 painting that costs 1200usd for that size, then you will pay 100% of that for the commission fee for a grand total of 2400usd. Essentially, just double the price to order a commission. 

Still not satisfied? Contact us; S.A. will want to discuss your painting with you. We want to know what colors you like, discuss which paintings in our gallery have a composition you like (for example, drips, big brush stokes, small brush strokes, you get it). We will take photos you have, fabric swatches you have, anything you have to help S.A. with the color composition you are looking for. We also really like seeing photos of the room that your painting will go in, so S.A. can be sure to visualize it as she is painting.

What if I don't like it?

That’s ok, S.A. can make changes to your painting, it doesn't cost a thing. We want you to love your painting, so we will work with you until you are happy. At this time, we don't have a cancellation policy. If you decide in the end that you don't think S.A. is interpreting your instructions well, and you still don't like the painting after a few go-rounds, you can have a refund. 50% of your deposit is not refundable. We can always sell your painting to someone else.



Our turn around time depends S.A.'s my work load. in the summer it may take five-seven weeks; during the holidays it may be considerably longer (so plan ahead for Christmas delivery). If you have a deadline, we will do our best to work with you.



Contact us for wholesale orders.